COMING SOON: The Chromo-Zone

 After faced with a terrifying realization about technology’s capabilities, Nancy’s deep-rooted fear of losing her identity surfaces as she struggles to stay true to herself amidst a world hiding behind the masks of social media.

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Freelance Film and Video Projects.

Roles: Direction, Cinematography, Editing

Roles: Cinematography and Editing

Roles: Director, Writer, Editor, Producer. 

Roles:  Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer.

Roles: Director, Editor, Cinematography. 

Roles: Director, Editor, Producer. 

Roles: Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematography.  Silent Film.

Roles: Writer, Director, Editor.  

Roles: Writer, Director, Editor.  Created in a TV studio with a live cutting, 3 camera system. 

Roles: Writer, Director, Actor, Editor. 

Photography with Zakarian Hospitality

Featuring Geoffrey Zakarian, behind the scenes content, chef portraits, events, and food photography.


Roles: Director, Writer, Editer, Cinematographer. 

Roles: Co-Director, Co-Editor, Co-Writer, Co-Cinematographer. 

Roles: Co-Director, Co-Editor, Co-Cinematographer. 

Role: Co-Director, Co-Editor, Co-Cinematographer. 

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Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has a feature that allows people to create geo-filters for their areas.  Here is a small sampling of a few illustrations that I have created for the app.