I went to New York University for undergrad and studied Film and Television. I even had a minor in the Business of Entertainment, to make me well rounded! Throughout my time living in Manhattan, I spent two years interning for one of the most legendary shows of all time, Saturday Night Live, and ate more pizza than I am proud to admit.

Now, four years after living in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, I reside in the sunny city of Los Angeles. Right after graduation I worked for one of Hollywood’s most legendary talent agents, but quickly realized my passions lie more so in the creative process. I currently work as a Writer’s Production Assistant on The Affair, an incredible drama series on Showtime.

When I’m not on set working, you can find me furiously typing away my own scripts and brainstorming my next big project. I love writing dark futuristic stories, but also love comedy.

Besides filmmaking, I have a passion for food, cooking, and run a food Instagram (@gabsfoodgram)!  I also play the keyboard, just enough so that I can accompany my mediocre singing.

I aspire to be a showrunner for an outstanding television series one day with a labradoodle by my side.  Also, I hope to be 5'5" as opposed to 5'3".  A girl can dream, right!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope you enjoy looking at some of the things i've worked on! For writing samples and more information about my upcoming projects, please contact me personally.