Pilot and Story Bible available upon request.   Copyright Registered  WGA#: 1310997

Pilot and Story Bible available upon request.

Copyright Registered

WGA#: 1310997

The Silicon Valley is known to all as the hub of innovation, technology, and prosperity. Although the Bay Area has an illustrious reputation, growing up as a teenager in this competitive area can make navigating success difficult and potentially dangerous because of the unrealistic expectations this community puts on adolescence.

In Palo Alto, we open on a suicide right around graduation time. Although uncertain who the victim is, we know it is someone close to our protagonist, Sophie Pisani. We then rewind two years. The series investigates each individual’s personal challenges and leaves audiences determining: who has it the worst? Who isn’t capable of keeping up with the social and academic pressures of living in the most competitive area in the county?

My hope in creating Palo Alto is to shed light on the complexities of living in such a seemingly pristine area. Not everyone is as happy or as fortunate as they seem. Whether you grew up in a household with a parent who has had a failed entrepreneurial venture, a scandalous divorce, or are secretly undocumented amongst the ICE raids, there are a lot of factors that make living in this area more difficult than it’s made out to be.

Palo Alto will acknowledge problems that all teenagers are facing across the country. We have characters struggling with body image issues, sexual identity, mental health, peer pressure, and social status. Additionally, the series addresses various marital and parenting concerns. My hope is for these stories to resonate with everyone, no matter who they are or what their background is.

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