Copyright Registered ©2019  WGA#: 1310997

Copyright Registered ©2019

WGA#: 1310997

Full pilot and story bible available upon request


An ensemble of high-school aged students struggle to find their footing in the most competitive school district in the county, but one of them doesn't survive to see graduation. 


The Silicon Valley is known to all as the hub of innovation, technology, and prosperity. It is decorated with technological incubators and has created some of the most notable ventures in today’s world; such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, and more. Some of the nation’s largest investments take place here and the area possesses some of the most expensive zip codes in the US. But, navigating success in an area so focused on competition and achievement can be difficult and potentially dangerous for adolescents because of the unrealistic expectations this community holds.  

The CDC has claimed Palo Alto to have the highest suicide rate amongst youths, with a shocking six teenage suicides within a nine-month period. Students are known to go to the Caltrain tracks, located just a mile away from the high school, and jump. This is a serious issue that this area faces, but these stories are buried behind the façade of booming wealth and accomplishment.

In Palo Alto, we open on a suicide right around high school graduation. Although uncertain who the victim is, we know it is someone close to our protagonist, Sophie Pisani. We then rewind 10 months, bringing us to August, the beginning of the school year. The rest of the series investigates various individuals’ personal challenges and leaves the audience to determine: who has it the worst? Who isn’t capable of keeping up with the social and academic pressures of living in the most competitive area in the county? 

Whether you’re growing up in a household with a parent who has had a failed entrepreneurial venture, a scandalous divorce, or are secretly undocumented amongst the ICE raids, there are a lot of problems that can make living in this area far more difficult than it’s made out to be.

Palo Alto will acknowledge problems that all teenagers are facing across the country. We have characters struggling with body image issues, sexual identity, mental health, peer pressure and social status. Additionally, the series addresses various marital and parenting concerns and complications from the adult perspective.

Palo Alto will explore the detriment caused by social media and the internet. Relationships are no longer limited to your geographical constraints, and we live in a world of extreme hyperconnectivity. With instant access to each other’s lives through social media, it’s clear when you’re being excluded and even the slightest pause or silence can make us feel rejected.

This is real. This is the world we live in. Now, we explore which character won’t make it to the end.

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WGA#: 2000151

Stand-Alone Hour-Long Drama Intended for Anthology Series


Contentment of a Nation is a sci-fi/thriller centered on a disgruntled young woman’s discovery that the United States government has managed to get it’s citizens to feel at ease with a racist class system by drugging them with vape pens.


Today, we teeter on the precipice of humanity’s demise. So many powerful forces are pushing us to the edge: rising national dissent, the ever-expanding capabilities of artificial intelligence, technology, global warming, nuclear and international tensions. But, the most frightening and threatening factor of all is hatred. Our inability to see eye to eye with those whom are different from us will be our downfall. Nuclear weapons are threatening only because they’re activated by hate, hostility, and our inability to cohabitate on this planet.

In our story, we open 40-something years in the future. This is a “brighter” future where everyone is cheerful, happy, and getting along. The citizens are content, although it seems society has relapsed to a strict racist class system. Our protagonist, Aniyah Bea Brown, appears to be the only individual skeptical of the regulations.

This future is possible because of the government’s classified agenda to brainwash civilians to feel at ease with inequality and discrimination through the means of vape pens. In this world, there are First-Class citizens and Second-Class citizens. Individuals are branded on their right wrists to reveal citizenship status, and the drugs have convinced them that everything is the way it is for a reason. They are convinced living in America is a privilege.  Everyone follows the rules, everyone is happy living within the allowances and constraints of their class, and that’s that. No questions asked.

But Aniyah asks questions. She isn’t quick to accept the societal norms. However, when she tries to exercise her freedom of speech to protest new legislation, she finds herself in a psychiatric care facility for “instability”. Here, she meets Nash Gunter, who quickly becomes her confidante.  

Together, they begin to comprehend just how enormous this operation is. As they uncover concrete evidence that targets the governments misconduct, they strategically shed light on the situation, not realizing how drastic the consequences would be.




After being pressured into attending the school’s auction, Frankie’s pettiness lands her an evening at Indiana’s finest Michelin-rated restaurant for an ungodly price. Mike and Frankie attempt to make the most of the situation, but they quickly realize that $1 pizza is where they are truly happiest. Brick burns a bridge when given an opportunity to make a friend, and Sue lands herself a starring role in a commercial, only to find out it’s actually an infomercial for fungal warts.

spec script available upon request